05 January 2013

The year you get married can be filled with all kinds of stress, don't forget to take advantage of the romantic holidays to tell your sweetheart how much you love them. If you are out of ideas, don't worry, we will be filling the shop with plenty of ways to say I love you.

02 January 2013

This fun project was another case of "Hey, can you make this weird random thing, I need it tomorrow" YES! yes, I can. Meet Mike, DJ and creator of the infamous Soul Deep dance parties that frequent the Detroit area. He plays soul records ONLY, hence the name, and needed a way to respond to requests like Hotel California...I mean come on people...

He decided he wanted a little scroll sign where he could flip something or untie it and it would roll-out to reveal, "No Requests" in a fancy script lettering. I loved the idea, to me it was 70% silent movie throwback and 30% Warner brothers cartoon...so I was all in. I had to get it done asap, so Mike delivered the material and I decided to paint it given the time frame. I found out that I really love painting on slightly patterned fabric, so perhaps this will inspire other projects.

All in all, it was a fun project and Mike got the ultimate satisfaction when he got to use it while DJing at a 12.21.12 Soul Deep party. The world didn't end that day, but I'm glad he was able to use it just in case it did.